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Below are just a few of our recently completed projects. If you know of a monument or marker that needs attention, let us know:  monumentaltaskinfo@gmail.com

Town of Carrollton Marker

The marker was damaged and blown down during Hurricane Ida. MTC salvaged it, restored it and reinstalled it.

Samuel Lowenberg Memorial

This project was completed in partnership with the Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association. Together with MTC volunteers, they removed grafitti, cleaned the stone and added landscaping.

Uncle Jack at the Rural Life Museum

Cleaned and restored Uncle Jack. This bronze statue was created to memorialize the accomplishments and contributions of the African-Americans of 19th-century Louisiana. It is “dedicated to the faithful service of black people who played an instrumental role in the building of Louisiana.

WWI Doughboy Statue

During WWI American troops were referred to by their allies as “doughboys,” a term whose origin is still not fully understood. In 1970 a statue honoring the doughboys was placed in New Orleans near the corner of Tulane Avenue and South Galvez in a spot of land known as Pershing Plaza.

Banks Social and Carnival Club (WWII)

MTC conducted extensive foundation work with the expertise and help of Abry Bros. Construction. Soil was filled with the help of Boy Scout Troop 312 and the stone was cleaned.

Couturie Forest Marker

Together with the City Park Staff members, MTC volunteers cleaned the bricks and restored the marker. We are looking forward to a continuing partnership with the Park to restore other statues and markers.